Christ Chapel Leadership Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why residency at Christ Chapel?
One of the greatest challenges for seminary students is gaining ministry experience.  At Christ Chapel, residents will not only discover how God has uniquely gifted them, but also be provided with opportunities to serve and lead, propelled by our grace-driven core values.

How much will it cost me?
Christ Chapel is investing in you. We are choosing to invest $1,500 per month (pre-tax) over 22 months. That’s $33,000.

Christ Chapel will also pay half of your seminary tuition and gift an Apple MacBook or PC laptop during your training.

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree from Dallas Theological Seminary costs approximately $36,000. Each resident will be responsible for roughly $18,000. If more financial aid is needed, options can be discussed with DTS.

Who is the Residency Program for?
The Christ Chapel Leadership Residency is best suited for recent college graduates who are committed to attending seminary and pursuing vocational ministry with their degrees.

What does the end goal look like?
Upon completion, you will have two years of work experience from Christ Chapel Bible Church, a master’s level degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and in-depth training and ministry opportunities.

How long is the Residency Program?
22 months, beginning each fall semester (around August).

How much time will the residency take each week?
Residents work 20 hours per week.

Is the residency program limited to postgraduates?
Yes. The residency program requires a four-year undergraduate degree.

How many people are accepted into the residency program?
Class sizes will be a maximum of 10 students.

When does the residency program start?
The program begins each August and follows the DTS calendar. Applications open September 1 each year in preparation for the next fall semester.

Where would I live?
Residents are responsible for finding their own housing.

Can I participate in the residency program if I’m in seminary at another institution?

Can I apply if I don’t live in the United States?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept international applicants at this time.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?
Click on the Apply Now button

If I have more questions, who can I ask?
You can reach Dr. Phillip Koo at

What does ministry look like at Christ Chapel?
Christ Chapel Bible Church’s ministry involves four different campuses.

  • Christ Chapel Fort Worth
  • Christ Chapel West in Willow Park
  • Christ Chapel South in Burleson
  • Christ Chapel Internet

Christ Chapel’s training will be done in three phases:

  • Phase One
    Phase one will focus on leadership and development. Within the first semester, residents will be introduced with various foundations of what drives our ministries. They will be involved with these teams:
    Leadership and Development
    Spiritual Growth
    Life Stages
    Campus Formation
    Biblical Counseling
  • Phase Two
    Phase two will start at the second semester. During this time, residents will now be familiar with most of these departments, but will be investing the majority of their time with their top three preferences. By this time, they will find their niche and be able to begin specializing in their craft. They will model their spiritual formation and daily meetings with their mentor(s), department(s), and team(s).
  • Phase Three
    Phase three will begin at the second year. By now, residents will hopefully be masters of their own schedules. They will now have minimized their focus, spending the majority of their time with their top choice. Residents will be expected to meet with their mentor(s), department, and teams.